Part-Time Information Technology Specialist

The Information Technologist reports directly to the Chief Technology/Facility Officer to provide timely and appropriate support to our providers and staff.  


  • Maintain and update computers and software under Northern Radiology Imaging and Northern Radiology Associates care:
  • Servers at office
  • Workstations at office
  • Workstations on loan to Ref. Physician’s
  • Radiologist’s business-related workstations at home
  • Maintain and update network switches, wirelesses, firewalls, FAX machines, printers, network routers, network hubs, network bridges and network cables.
  • Maintain and update the phone system and its software, T1 line, server, extensions (phones) and cables.
  • Maintain and update internet services, e-mail and security.
  • Maintain and update security methods: Meraki, Antivirus software
  • Maintain and update RIS and PACS system:
  • Correct errors in patient records
  • Correct images in PACS
  • Merge images and patient records
  • Maintain and update auditing and logging systems
  • Maintain and update the electrical backup systems:
  • Symmetra Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Maintain and update backup systems
  • Purchase equipment as needed and set it up.
  • Take night call and weekend call from Radiologist on call for problems with teleradiology and PACS systems for NRI and SMC  
  • Work with modalities and their related vendors on problems and issues.
  • Maintain and update Web servers and sites for NRI.
  • Maintain and update all network users, passwords and privileges.
  • Maintain and update documentation on instructions, disaster problems, backups and setups.
  • Remote management of systems where ever possible.
  • Maintain and update radiologist home reading/dictation computers and networks


  1. Associates degree in Information Technology, Computer Science
  2. Must have strong oral and written communication skills and be comfortable explaining instructions to others.
  3. Must be organized, able to multi-task, manage time independently, prioritize work load, coordinate with other departments.  
  4. Must be able to maintain confidentiality and adhere to federal and state privacy laws.
  5. Other duties as requested by supervisors.

Reports to:

  • Chief Technology/Facility Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Director of Outpatient Imaging

Northern Radiology is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Women, veterans, and minorities are encouraged to apply.  

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