In today's complex medical environment, the role of medical imaging is becoming considerably more important to the diagnosis and followup of many illnesses and conditions. Your physician or practitioner rely on timely and accurate diagnostic imaging reports to assess and treat you properly. From registration until the point your caregiver receives our study, Northern Radiology's staff and radiologists provide excellent, timely outpatient services in a professional and comfortable environment.


Northern Radiology Imaging and Samaritan Medical Center Announce Plans to Consolidate and Align Imaging Services in an Effort to Streamline Patient Access and Provide Continuity of Care

Samaritan will purchase NRI’s Imaging Center assets and make available to its patients the Medical Center’s existing radiology and imaging services as part of a strategic alliance with the radiologists of Northern Radiology Associates

Watertown, N.Y. – Samaritan Medical Center (SMC) and Northern Radiology Imaging (NRI) announced today SMC will purchase NRI’s Imaging Center assets, which will consolidate and align services in an effort to streamline patient access and enhance the continuity of care for diagnostic imaging services. Samaritan will purchase all equipment from NRI, effective March 15, 2021.

SMC will offer NRI patients services through its existing, and soon to be expanded, radiology platform. Patients will enjoy the same skilled radiology services as they did at NRI, as NRI’s physicians are the same radiologists who have expertly served SMC for decades through their other practice, Northern Radiology Associates (NRA).

The agreement comes after much discussion dating back to 2019. Original plans to align were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To meet the anticipated increase in demand for imaging services volume, SMC will move its main community-based radiology and imaging location to a new, expanded facility at the Samaritan Health and Wellness Plaza at 1575 Washington St., scheduled to open in late April 2021.

Northern Radiology Imaging, located at 1571 Washington St. which is directly in front of SMC’s Health & Wellness Plaza, will close at the end of the day on March 5, 2021, which will allow the practice time to transition patients if needed or requested to SMC. SMC will not re-open at NRI’s location as it does not meet the physical requirements needed to operate a hospital-level radiology service.

SMC will continue to offer imaging services including MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, X-ray and more at its main hospital location, plus X-ray and ultrasound services at various community-based sites. These sites provide access to walk-in and appointment-based imaging and lab services.

The new, expanded imaging facility at the Samaritan Health and Wellness Plaza will provide comprehensive community-based imaging services complete with MRI, PET, and CT scans, ultrasound, X-ray, mammography, stereotactic breast biopsies and more.

All physicians who are part of Northern Radiology Associates (NRA) will continue to provide radiology and image interpretation services for Samaritan at all its locations. The radiologists will remain in private practice and will not be directly employed by the hospital.

In addition, some NRI staff will be hired by Samaritan. All staffing needs are being evaluated now and will be directly communicated to impacted staff members.

Prior to the opening of its new facility, Samaritan is fully prepared to meet the needs of the community and handle the additional patients through expanded hours and increased access at many of our existing imaging locations.

Thomas H. Carman, president and chief executive officer at SMC said the strategic acquisition of the highly respected NRI will offer patients the outstanding customer service they are accustomed to, with the same providers, ensuring their access to the best care possible.

“We are pleased to bring this transaction to closure as it strategically aligns the physicians at NRI and SMC for the future growth of our diagnostic imaging services while at the same time strengthening a long-standing partnership. SMC will continue to provide high-quality technical services and NRA will continue to offer their professional interpretations,” said Carman.

Dr. Dean J. Phillips, NRA’s president and director of outpatient imaging at NRI, echoes Carman’s statement and adds that the radiologists are delighted with the transaction and excited to take this next step in aligning the provision of radiology services to the community. “Our radiologists, as practitioners and longtime business owners, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the provision of imaging services. We are pleased the day has finally come for us to unify outpatient imaging with SMC in meeting the ongoing and growing imaging needs of patients and the medical staff.”

Currently, SMC handles over 100,000 radiology and imaging procedures per year.

SMC patients in need of a new appointment are asked to contact the Medical Center’s central scheduling office at 315-779-5200. Current Northern Radiology Imaging patients should refer to their direct patient communication or call 315-786-5000 for further details.

Why Choose NRI?

Why choose Northern Radiology Imaging for your imaging needs? As members of the North Country community, we’ve been taking care of patients for over 70 years. In our commitment to providing the best care to our patients, Northern Radiology Imaging is making great strides in providing the latest advancements in technology to the North Country.

From our large bore 3T Philips MRI to our 2 brand new Philips Epiq 5 ultrasound machines and our new Fuji Cristalle 3D digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) machine, Northern Radiology has invested in our patients’ futures. We are proud to offer a wide variety of examinations in all our departments to include Computed Tomography (CT), fluoroscopy and Interventional procedures.

We are pleased to now provide genetic counseling and genetic testing through our partnership with Myriad Laboratories. By providing these services we’ve empowered our patients to be able to take command of their health future. 

Not only do we provide the latest advancements in technology, we also want our patients to have a truly wonderful experience. We have redesigned our women’s imaging services for all our mammography patients, where women can receive results of their screening mammograms within 24 hours and have one of our board certified radiologists explain the results of their diagnostic mammogram. Northern Radiology Imaging can schedule same day/next day breast biopsies.

Patients will never have to look for a parking spot again because we offer ample, free parking. We know our patients’ lead very busy lives so we offer convenient extended scheduling hours with mammography, MRI and walk-in x-rays available until 7 pm and MRI also available on Saturdays. Our friendly staff is always willing to go the extra distance to accommodate our patients’ needs. 

We also know a truly wonderful experience is more than just about technology and convenience; it’s most importantly about compassion. As members of the North Country community, we know what it’s like to live, work and play here and we know our patients better than anyone. We’ve been celebrating with our patients on some of their best days and standing beside them on some of their worst days.

Northern Radiology Imaging truly cares about all our patients because we see our patients for who they really are, they’re our neighbors and family. And here in the North Country, that is what truly matters most. 

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